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Agricultural Machinery Bearings
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Agricultural Machinery Bearings

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Agricultural Machinery Bearings

The outer spherical ball bearing is actually a variant of the deep groove ball bearing, which is characterized in that its outer ring outer diameter surface is spherical, which can be fitted into the corresponding concave spherical surface of the bearing seat to play a self-aligning role. The outer spherical bearing is mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial load mainly radial load, it is generally not suitable to bear the axial load alone.
Although its basic performance should be similar to that of deep groove ball bearings, but most of these bearings are used in relatively rough machinery, the installation and positioning are not accurate enough, the alignment of the axis of the shaft and the seat hole is poor, or the shaft length and deflection In the case of decent, and the accuracy of the bearing itself is not high enough, and some structures are also relatively rough, so the actual performance of the performance of the deep groove ball bearings of the same specifications should be discounted. For example: the outer spherical ball bearing with top wire is applied to the through shaft with large difference in rigidity and deflection. This bearing has sealing rings on both sides, which can strictly prevent the intrusion of dirt.
Appropriate amount of lubricant, no need to clean before installation, no need to add lubricant, when the top screw on the protruding end of the bearing inner ring is fastened on the shaft. The allowable axial load must not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load.
  • R3 seal: used for conventional Z&R insert bearing products. The vulcanized triple-lip contact seal made of low-friction nitrile rubber (NBR) compound is bonded to the inner surface of the steel frame through vulcanization. The triple lip strongly prevents dust and muddy water It can ensure the life of the bearing even in severe environmental conditions, and is suitable for under 1000RPM/Min.)

  • R5 seal: used for maintenance-free products of Z&R insert bearings, suitable for extremely polluted environments, such as agricultural machinery and chemical equipment applications, through vulcanization, vulcanized five-lip contact seals made of low-friction nitrile rubber (NBR) compounds Fitted to the inner surface of the steel frame, the steel frame is fixed in place by the seal groove in the outer ring of the bearing, and can protect the seal from solid contamination; the 5 layers of sealing lips have different designs to provide excellent sealing performance to deal with Different working conditions including dynamic misalignment; the sealing lip is a labyrinth type to prevent various pollutants from entering and grease leakage. Suitable for 800RPM/Min or less.

  • FJ seal: used for Z&R outer spherical bearing ultra-high-speed products; suitable for low-noise environments, such as blowers, commercial fans, etc.;

After being specially treated by Viton, it is attached to the inner surface of the stamped steel sheet frame, and a non-contact structure stamped steel sheet is added to effectively prevent the entry of pollutants; it can run smoothly in an environment of up to 200° .
  • F seal: used for Z&R insert bearing conventional products, two steel galvanized sheets are sandwiched with nitrile rubber (NBR) seal, the sealing lip is axially pre-tightened, and the outer steel galvanized sheet has a certain angle outward Inclined and extended to effectively protect the sealing lip from mechanical damage and particulate entry; this structure is suitable for occasions that require both high speed and low noise.

  •  SF seal: The nitrile rubber (NBR) sealing lip is vulcanized and adhered to the inner surface of the stamped steel sheet frame. Through its non-contact steel sheet frame, the steel sheet frame is fixed in place by the sealing groove in the outer ring of the bearing. The shoulder of the ring forms a small gap; the steel retaining ring is installed on the shoulder of the inner ring by interference fit, which can significantly improve the sealing effect without increasing friction to prevent the seal from being affected by particle contamination.

UYZ 205 2S.H25523115
LSFR 308 TBT.H.T.Zn409042.9
LSGR 205 FS25522515
LSGR 207 TBS357228.317
LSGR 214 2TB70

LSNR 205 2T255234.817
LSNR 207 TBS357228.317
SLE 47-16S-2RS16.4

GWST 209PPB2932.88542.8531.7
W 208PPB1631.788036.518
W 208PP1631.788036.518
SL 53-014-2T22.2553.08619.418.288
SLE 53-012-2T19.1853.08643.518.288
SLU 53012-2T19.1853.08634.218.288
3204 B.2RS1204720.620.6
3204 T204725.222
5206 KPP33062

SL 3303 2S174724.224.2
SL 5203 2T16.256404439
LY 312 2F6013068.433
LY 312-203 2F55.56213068.433
3206 B.2RS1306223.823.8
GWST 209PPB1345.248536.5333
GWST 211PPB2055.710039.7
209 KRR K/50.13550.135813018
GW 211PP254510044.533.34
GW 211PP20251.30810060.333.34
GWR 209PPB3044,9588542.8631.75
GWR 211PPB2145.339101.09253.97533.909
SBX 122755.56211055.56238.3
GWHG 211PP2545.21210044.4533.325
GWHGR 211PP20251,30810060.333.34
Q 203PP.AH0216.2564018.28812
Q 203PP.AH0513.0814018.28812
SL 5316 2T1653.08619.418.288
LY 208-108 2F.SH38.18056.321
LE 210 2TB509051.622
VP-M20x1.5/40/72-R (L)24.2404439

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