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Company Introduction
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Company Introduction

Zhongxi (Jiangsu) Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. is a responsible for the import and export of bearing products.
Based in Jiangsu, we focus on the marketing, technical support and services of spherical bearings, continuous spherical bearings, agricultural machinery bearings, agricultural machinery unit bearings and other series of products.
Zhongxi (Jiangsu) Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. has rich experience and professional skills in the field of import and export trade of bearing products. We focus on promoting Z&R Zhongda bearing products, which have extremely high quality and performance advantages in the market. Our products are widely used in agricultural machinery, machinery manufacturing, transportation machinery, industrial fans and other fields, and can provide customers with high-quality solutions.
We are customer-centric and facilitate customers to purchase Zhongda bearing products through a variety of sales channels and methods.
Our sales network covers the world, so customers can get the products and services they need in a timely manner no matter where they are. Strive to provide high-quality bearing products and services to customers around the world.
Zhongxi (Jiangsu) Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. always puts customer satisfaction first. We have a professional customer service team that can solve customer problems and needs in a timely manner. We focus on after-sales service and provide customers with considerate care and protection.
In terms of corporate culture, we uphold the values of "pursuit of excellence, customer first", guided by the spirit of integrity, innovation and pragmatism, and are committed to achieving the goals of customer satisfaction and sustainable corporate development. We focus on teamwork and encourage employees to be proactive and work together to create a better future.
If you have any needs or questions about Zhongda bearing products, please feel free to contact us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with detailed product information and service support. Looking forward to working with you to create a better future!
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