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The father of the chairman of the group has been involved in the field of bearings since 1976, starting from a small bearing workshop, and then began to invest in the construction of factories, the scale of which has been growing, and with the market demand to adjust the direction of the introduction of new equipment, to be more refined and stronger.


Zhongda Logistics Group: Zhongda Hotel


Wuxi NSB Transmission Technology Co., ltd Brand: FXM


Zhongda (Hebei) Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Wuxi NSB Transmission Technology Co., Itd was acquired by Zhong Xi (Jiangsu) import&export trading Co.,Ltd,Zhongxi and Zhongda are belong to the same Group: Zhongda Logistics Group.
Zhongxi (Jiangsu) Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2013. It is a company responsible for the import and export of bearing products.
Based in Jiangsu, we focus on the marketing, technical support and services of spherical bearings, continuous spherical bearings, agricultural machinery bearings, agricultural machinery unit bearings and other series of products.
Zhongxi (Jiangsu) Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. has rich experience and professional skills in the field of import and export trade of bearing products. We focus on promoting Z&R Zhongda bearing products, which have extremely high quality and performance advantages in the market. Our products are widely used in agricultural machinery, machinery manufacturing, transportation machinery, industrial fans and other fields, and can provide customers with high-quality solutions.
The products are exported to more than 90 countries such as the United States, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Australia, etc., and provide supporting services for industrial motors, industrial fans, agricultural machinery, material transportation and other industries.


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    Agricultural Machinery BearingsThe outer spherical ball bearing is actually a variant of the deep groove ball bearing, which is characterized in that its outer ring outer diameter surface is spherical, which can be fitted into the corresponding concave spherical surface of the bearing seat to play a Read More
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    The outer spherical bearing with seat is a bearing unit that combines the outer spherical bearing with the housing. Most of the outer spherical bearings make the outer diameter into a spherical surface, and are installed together with the bearing seat with a spherical inner hole. The structure is va Read More
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