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Agricultural machinery bearing clearance adjustment and failure modes
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Agricultural machinery bearing clearance adjustment and failure modes

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Agricultural machinery bearing clearance:

During the use of agricultural machinery, it was found that some operators neglected to promptly inspect and adjust the machinery, resulting in certain losses, which is really inappropriate. For example: when the bearing clearance on the agricultural machinery wheel shaft exceeds the specified value, it should be adjusted or replaced in time. Otherwise, the radial shaking of the wheel shaft during operation will damage the oil seals or sealing devices at both ends of the wheel shaft, causing leakage of lubricating oil or grease and accelerated wear. , resulting in scrapped bearings and damage to other parts, increasing costs and delaying farming time, so the author asks operators to pay attention. When agricultural machinery has been used for a certain period of time, it must be inspected and adjusted in a timely manner according to technical requirements. Those that cannot be adjusted should be replaced in time to avoid large losses and repairs. Timely and simple adjustments can prevent the occurrence of failures and reduce unnecessary Regarding repair work and costs, do simple little things well, and don’t let small things stop you from using your motorcycle.

The main reasons for the old and bad bearings of the generator on the harvester are as follows:

1: Excessive belt tension causes an increase in the radial force of the shaft, which can easily cause fatigue damage to the shaft. The broken shaft is located at the undercut groove at the root of the shaft extension.

2: The vibration of the diesel engine is too large. If the diesel engine is not firmly fixed and shakes too much during operation, the force will be unstable. It will be larger and smaller for a while, causing damage to the shaft.

Third, there is something wrong with the material of the shaft itself or the processing size is too small to meet the usage requirements.

a. First of all, the power output bearing of the harvester is broken and the shaft is tempered. The bearing with excessive wear needs to be replaced.

b. Secondly, the driving device needs to be installed and adjusted correctly.

c. Finally, replace the new power output shaft.

What are the forms of bearing failure?

1. Contact fatigue failure: refers to the material fatigue failure caused by the alternating stress on the bearing working surface.

2. Wear failure: refers to the failure caused by the continuous wear of the metal on the working surface caused by the relative sliding friction between surfaces.

3. Fracture failure: The main reasons are defects and overload. When the applied load exceeds the strength limit of the material and causes the part to break, it is called overload fracture. The main reason for overload is sudden host failure or improper installation.

4. Corrosion failure: Some rolling bearings will inevitably come into contact with water, water vapor and corrosive media during actual operation. These substances will cause rust and corrosion of rolling bearings. In addition, rolling bearings will also be affected by microcurrent and static electricity during operation, causing current corrosion of rolling bearings.

5. Failure due to clearance change: During the operation of the rolling bearing, due to the influence of external or internal factors, the original fitting clearance changes, the accuracy decreases, and even "seizure" occurs, which is called clearance change failure.

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