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Application advantages of agricultural machinery bearings
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Application advantages of agricultural machinery bearings

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Agricultural machinery bearings are important basic components of agricultural machinery equipment. Widely used in agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, electric motors, rakes, balers, harvesters, threshers and other agricultural machinery. Its accuracy, performance, lifespan and reliability play a decisive role in the accuracy, performance, lifespan and reliability of the host machine.

31There are three main aspects in the selection of bearings: First, choose the type of bearing. You should roughly consider the load size, direction, and whether there is any impact? Factors such as speed, alignment requirements, allowed space, etc. The second is to choose the accuracy of the bearing. The type of machinery and mechanical accuracy requirements should generally be considered. The third is to solve the problem for farmers to reduce downtime and maintenance costs and increase production as much as possible. Agricultural machinery bearings must be able to operate in extremely challenging conditions, from dry and abrasive environments to wet, corrosive and highly contaminated environments. They need to meet requirements for long life and durability under heavy load conditions, thereby solving farmers' problems of reducing downtime and maintenance costs and maximizing yields.

There are many types of bearings used in agricultural machinery, including mounted bearings, mounted ball bearing units, tapered roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings and units, deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, spherical plain bearings and some special bearing machinery for agricultural machinery. .

Seeder bearings

The high humidity in spring and autumn is a real test for agricultural farming. The hard soil quality tests the ultimate strength of all mechanical components, which requires agricultural machinery bearings to have stronger load-bearing capacity.

Farm machinery bearings are often integrated with flange bearing housings to simplify assembly. If the plow disc is connected to a bearing and installed at a certain inclination angle to the plow surface, the bearing needs to bear side loads, overturning moments and radial loads. Products for agricultural machinery include housed bearings and housing units, deep groove and angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, hexagonal and square bore bearings and drive chains.

Harvester bearings:

Bearing seals are very important in agricultural engineering applications.

A good seal has two important functions:

1. Maintain high-quality grease inside the bearing and prevent contaminants and moisture from entering the bearing.

2. Efficient sealing increases the service life of bearings and extends the working life of agricultural machinery.

Mounted ball bearings are mainly used in harvesting machinery in the field of agricultural machinery. Mounted ball bearings and housing units are easy to install and can compensate for shaft misalignment within a certain range.

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