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Characteristics and types of agricultural bearings
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Characteristics and types of agricultural bearings

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Agricultural bearings are specially designed for use in agricultural machinery and are designed to meet the high requirements for precision, performance, life and reliability of agricultural machinery in complex and changeable working environments.


Strong load-bearing capacity: Agricultural bearings need to be able to withstand the huge loads generated by agricultural machinery during operation, including traction, vibration and impact.

Good wear resistance: The working environment of agricultural machinery is often harsh, such as the erosion of soil, dust, moisture and other pollutants, as well as the influence of extreme temperatures such as high and low temperatures, requiring bearings to have good wear resistance.

Strong corrosion resistance: In humid and corrosive environments, agricultural bearings need to have excellent corrosion resistance to extend their service life.

Good sealing performance: The efficient sealing design can maintain high-quality grease inside the bearing and prevent contaminants and moisture from entering the bearing, thereby increasing the service life of the bearing.

Strong adaptability: Agricultural bearings need to be able to adapt to the working needs of different types of agricultural machinery, such as tractors, harvesters, balers, threshers, etc.


There are many types of agricultural bearings, which can be divided into many types according to different classification standards.

Classification by rolling element type:

Ball bearings: such as deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, etc., are suitable for occasions with radial loads and certain axial loads.

Roller bearings: such as cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, etc., can withstand large loads, especially impact loads.

Classification by structure:

Pedestal bearings: The bearing and the bearing seat are tightly combined, with a compact structure and convenient installation, and are widely used in agricultural machinery.

Spherical bearings: have one or more rotatable rings to adapt to different installation angles and usage requirements, mainly used to withstand angular motion and radial loads.

Special types:

UC bearings: With its excellent performance and durability, it has become the preferred bearing in the field of agricultural machinery, with high load capacity, wear resistance and impact resistance.


Agricultural bearings are widely used in various agricultural machinery, such as agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, electric motors, harvesters, balers, threshers, etc. Their accuracy, performance, life and reliability play a decisive role in the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the main machine.

Agricultural bearings are indispensable and important components in agricultural machinery. Their characteristics include strong load-bearing capacity, good wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good sealing performance and strong adaptability. By selecting the appropriate bearing type and model, agricultural machinery can be ensured to operate stably in various complex and changeable working environments and improve agricultural production efficiency.

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