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How to identify bearing types?
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How to identify bearing types?

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Identifying bearing types usually requires considering several key features of the bearing, including its design, structure, rolling element type, load direction, etc. Here are some ways to identify bearing types:

1. Observe the rolling element type:

Ball bearings: Its rolling element is a sphere, suitable for occasions that need to bear radial loads and certain axial loads.

Roller bearings: The rolling element is a roller (such as cylindrical or conical), suitable for occasions that bear heavy loads and high speeds.

2. Consider the load direction:

Radial bearings: Mainly bear radial loads, such as deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, etc.

Thrust bearings: Mainly bear axial loads, such as thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings, etc.

3. Observe structural features:

Self-aligning bearings: With self-aligning performance, it can automatically adjust the axis misalignment caused by the deflection or non-concentricity of the shaft or housing, such as self-aligning ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, etc.

Non-self-aligning bearings (rigid bearings): Do not have self-aligning performance, suitable for occasions with strict requirements on the axis position.

4. Number of rolling element rows:

Single-row bearings: There is only one rolling element row, suitable for general load and speed occasions.

Double-row bearings, multi-row bearings: There are multiple rolling element rows, suitable for heavy loads and high speed occasions.

5. Whether the parts are separable:

Separable bearings: The inner and outer rings of the bearing can be separated, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Non-separable bearings: The inner and outer rings of the bearing cannot be separated and need to be installed as a whole.

6. Check the label or model:

Most bearings will indicate their model, specifications and manufacturer information on the surface or packaging. By checking this information, you can quickly and accurately identify the type of bearing.

The above methods are not absolute, because the naming and classification of bearings may vary depending on different manufacturers or industry standards. Therefore, when identifying the type of bearing, it is best to combine multiple methods and actual conditions for judgment.

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